....... hi my name's

amir mohammad

Graphics Artist

A creative and skilled graphic designer specializing in crafting unique and visually captivating visual ideas.

about me

Freelance graphics designer

I am an expert in motion graphics, character rigging, and web design. With several years of experience in these fields, I confidently engage in diverse projects. In motion graphics, my creative and specialized abilities enable me to produce captivating and informative animations and videos.

My passion for character design and creating character animations allows me to bring fictional personalities to life realistically and attractively. Moreover, I possess experience in character rigging, ensuring natural and fluid movements that convey authentic reactions and emotions.

Web design is another one of my interests and skills. I have the capability to design user-friendly and visually appealing websites using modern tools and languages, providing a unique user experience and meeting clients’ needs.

my service

Website design

Website design

Website design